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Welcome to the download of International Futures (IFs). The version of IFs available for download is the full model for all countries, identical to the version on the web except that the interface is tailored for stand-alone installations and has a somewhat greater feature set. The model is large: the installation file to download is approximately 176 MB and a user should dedicate about 1 Gigabyte of hard disk space for effective, full use.

Neither Dr. Barry Hughes nor the creators of the website shall be liable for any direct or indirect consequences of the installation or use of the model. Copyright of the model is by Barry B. Hughes and download and/or use of the model conveys no rights of any kind. Clicking on the download option links to the right signifies the user's agreement with these provisions.

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All system problems remain the responsibility of the authors and not of the National Intelligence Council.
Feedback on your experience and any problems that you may have encountered is welcome.
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The International Futures Model hosted on this site supports the National Intelligence Council 2020 Project. For a detailed description of the project scenarios, please see the 2020 Project report "Mapping the Global Future".
Copyright of the International Futures Model is by Barry B. Hughes. Download and/or use of the model conveys no rights of any kind.
Last Updated: June 17, 2005   If you have any questions or comments please contact help@ifsmodel.org