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Welcome to pocket option app ios, a web-based model of the future. This powerful tool allows users to generate in-depth, year-by-year projections through 2020 for a large number of variables. Topics covered include demographic, economic, energy, socio-political and environmental factors.

IFs can be used at the country-specific level, and results can be aggregated for regions or the world. Users can display forecasts in tables and on maps or graphically. Pre-computed forecasts exist for https://pocketoption.in/mobile-app and for the four scenarios of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project. Users can also easily create their own scenarios. The forecasts of IFs should be treated as illustrations of possible futures rather than predictions.

In addition to enabling its users to look forward, IFs also contains data on https://www.pocketoption.in/mobile-app more that forty years.

International Futures was created by Barry B. Hughes and was sponsored in part by the US National Intelligence Council (NIC). Dr. Hughes is a professor at the Graduate School of International Studies of the University of Denver.

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Recent Updates
  • December 05, 2005.
    Replacement of the IFs for NIC web version 5.18 with version 5.23. The new version includes a substantial database update, several new windows including one showing progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, user interface improvements including many new packaged displays, and model enhancements including a refined economic production function.
  • June 17, 2005.
    Replacement of the original IFs for NIC web model version 5.08 (installed in November, 2004) with version 5.18. The new version increases the country coverage from 164 to 182 and enhances the model in many areas. The web interface has been made more user-friendly, including the addition of an option for users to save a scenario of their creation and return to it later. The forecast results will vary somewhat across model versions, even for the NIC 2020 scenarios.
  • May 13, 2005.
    Web-IFs updated to version 5.08
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    All system problems remain the responsibility of the authors and not of the National Intelligence Council.
    Feedback on your experience and any problems that you may have encountered is welcome.
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    The International Futures Model hosted on this site supports the National Intelligence Council 2020 Project. For a detailed description of the project scenarios, please see the 2020 Project report "Mapping the Global Future".
    Copyright of the International Futures Model is by Barry B. Hughes. Download and/or use of the model conveys no rights of any kind.
    Last Updated: June 17, 2005   If you have any questions or comments please contact help@ifsmodel.org